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Machine Logger

Machine Logger is a fantastic torque reporting software, built with years of testing for the oilfield:

  • Job Management– create, update, and manage jobs that require several connections to complete.  Run and re-run connections until the perfect torque is achieved. Reporting can be sent to any printer in the network for review.
  • Multi-Device Support– Software supports transducers and load cells
  • Proprietary Torque Algorithm– torque is calulated within 5% of target based on annual calibration and beats national averages for similar softare.
  • Windows Based– no longer a difficult to understand platform, windows based for ease of training and daily use.

VIMs – Very Intelligent Management System

Vims is a great management software for running a service business.  It has the following features:

  • Ticket Module– create, update, and close tickets with team notifications.  Tickets support several team members collaborating with attachments and notes.  Tickets can also be set to notify the customer with email and text as progress is made with the issue.
  • Timesheet Module– keep track of billable time for team members
  • Project Module– keep track of projects and project completion with reports
  • Todo Module– create and make todo from private messaging module integration
  • Search Module– search of client documentation, tech notes, billing, and receipts
  • Calendar Module– create/update/delete appointments for team members
  • Labor Billing Module– Invoice management with support several form templates.
  • Payroll Module– pay employees based on variable billing rates
  • Parts Billing Module– Quotes, Invoices, Credits and Inventory Management
  • Records Module– to attach files, folders, and other items.
  • Online Chat– team chat
  • Private Messaging– secure and capable of text and email capabilities.
  • Admin Module– Company, Vendor, Tax Classes, Inventory, and User Management
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